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Hello, my name is Leyton and I am the lead photographer here at AGF Photography. I have been taking photographs for over 10 years using a mixture of both digital and traditional film photography.

Originally I am from the Midlands of England, but now I live in Fife, Scotland. I have 3 main photographic interests. During the spring, summer and autumn I love to be out in Edinburgh doing Street photography, this gives me plenty of time to photograph some incredible people and to exercise my next interest which is portraiture. It is truly amazing how many people love to have their photograph taken. I do occasionally shoot in other locations as well so please check out my instagram account for updates, and take a look at my portfolios on here. All of my street work is done with film and are then printed in my onsite darkroom.

During the winter time I really enjoy landscape photography on the beaches and hills in and around Fife. Scotland offers some of the most amazing vistas anywhere in the world, and Fife in particular has the iconic Forth bridges, the river Forth estuary, majestic glens and the popular villages in the East Neuk of Fife, any of which would look amazing on your wall to enjoy anytime. I photograph landscapes with a mixture of traditional film and digital photography.

Although our images are available to view online, we specialise in making prints of our images. Photographs are really made to be enjoyed hanging on a wall not just on a computer screen.

I would love to be able to talk to you and supply some images or prints, so you can enjoy them as much as I do.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

If you are another creative and you would like to work with me, then please use the above link to get into contact or have a look here.



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