First Weekend in October

It’s the first weekend in October, and 2 massively busy days for us.

First, on Saturday the 6th, there is a large independence march in Edinburgh so we are going in to cover that. So please keep an eye out for the results of that one! It’s starting at 12:30pm on Johnston terrace.

On Sunday we have the last round of SMRC racing for the season at Knockhill. I you will all be joining us for the action. The weather is not forcast to be great, but anything can happen up at Knockhill. Images will be along later in the week, so please keep an eye out for those. Looking forward to chatting with all of you before the winter break.

Catch you all soon.



So what is happening….

Hi folks, I thought it was time for a quick update to let everyone know what is currently happening.

As many are (not) aware of, I also have an instagram feed (leytonc.agfphoto), as well as the FaceBook and the website. This week I am running a set of images from the paddock, pit-lane and holding area of racers and support crews getting ready to get out on the track and race. This follows on from my love of street photography.

Next weekend is particular exciting as I  am heading down (and my Camera!) to the Oulton Park circuit for the last round of the BRSCC Alpha Romeo Championship, should be meeting up with Kristian from Enertech Racing as well since he is driving.

Once all the images are processed and posted, I will give you all a post race report.

The weekend after, sees the last round of the SMRC at Knockhill for this season, I am hoping to there as well – So its going to be a busy couple of weeks.

Remember,  that prints and high resolution unwatermarked images are available as well, if you are interested please let me know.

Stay well, and if you are needing some photography let me know,


Film Photography Interview

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that last Tuesday I was interviewed by the Phlogger  for his film photography podcast. This is going to be a multipart series of podcasts covering our conversations on film photography. Go and have a listen and I am sure you will learn something about film, photography and why we like working in film.

Here is a direct link to the podcast, but you can also listen in your normal podcast software, just search for Phlogger…

Here is a direct embedded  player for just incase you are super busy

Hope you enjoy, Leyton.

Improv-ing Lives

A big shout out and thank you to everyone who was at the Improv-ing lives event last night at the Central Halls in Edinburgh, and an even larger thank you to everyone who bought something from the charity auction.

Improv-ing lives is a improv comedy and auction evening in support of Changing Faces Scotland and they do a wonderful job supporting people who have  facial difference. If you think you could help as well, please contact us or the charity to discuss things.

AGF donated 2 limited edition, traditional darkroom prints and they were sold for the magnificent sum of £60, We are still waiting to hear the final total raised on the evening, so when we know I will let you all know. If you are interested in buying prints, please let me know. Here are the prints, wrapped up in cellophane and ready to be auctioned.

Lobster Creels Of West Wemyss
Fishermans Fender


New addition to the darkroom

As most of you know, I (still) shoot a lot of film and make traditional prints in my darkroom, for me traditional photography is all about the end result of the print. There is nothing better than seeing an image appear from the chemicals and then holding it your hand at the end. I am very lucky that I have a dedicated space for my darkroom so I can while away many hours creating prints for you to all enjoy, without the use of a computer! Physical prints are becoming a sad rarity now, which is a real shame as they are how an image should be enjoyed.

Anyway, let us move on to the reason for the blog entry today, I have just set up my new enlarger. I was very kindly gifted a new enlarger by someone who no longer works in the darkroom. The enlarger is a vital piece of equipment as it projects a negative onto photographic paper to make a positive image or what we know as a print. Anyway here it is in its new home.

Great! so now its installed, what are the results like? I am glad you asked, I made my first test print from it last night. I hope to get back in with it this evening. I am working on a small personal project at the moment, I really need to get it finished and I needed a new enlarger with better features to complete everything.

So here it is, the first test print, taken last year in Tokyo on Shibuya crossing, the really busy crossing you see anytime Tokyo is mentioned, please click to see full screen. I am rather pleased to have this as a starting point as I know the more I work with it the better things will be, but as it stands, I am very pleased. Hope you enjoy it as well.


2017 Super Lap Scotland Awards Report

Thanks to Marshall Wishart (Mazda RX8, class F) we were invited to join everyone at the 2018 SLS Awards! It was a fantastic evening of fun at the Hilton Doubletree North Queensferry with good food and even better company right into wee small hours. The full stat-twiddling numbers are published here so please feel free to visit those to see the full standings. I would like to celebrate the evening by sharing some of the more memorable images from the evening…


There was a great turn out for the evening and the room was completely packed. There were a variety of main awards and some great extra rewards for some very special people.
Talking the amount of awards, here is the left hand table of silverware ready for handing out…
Once the left hand side have been dealt with, the right hand side had to be dealt with…
The awards for class F, With Marshall picking up the 2nd place trophy with Neil Methven collecting the converted 1st place and Martin Brown in 3rd. Only 7 points separate 1st to 3rd.
BUT not all the awards are for how you do on the track. Marshall also picked up the best kept race car award. Marshall lives and works on Shetland so its amazing how well the car is kept and how far it has to travel to get to Knockhill.  
Once the food and awards are finished, we get a chance to view all the silverware collected on the evening. Sadly not everyone can be a winner.  

Once the awards ceremony was complete, the dance, beer pong and racing simulator were brought out and the party began in earnest! It was great chance to speak to everyone and catch up before the season kicks off.  I would like to thank the many people I spoke to who enjoyed my photography over the year and I would also like to ask people who do follow us on social media to continue sharing, liking and tagging SLS drivers, fans and pit crews so as many people as possible who are involved can see the images and keep enjoying the days they spend on the track.

So that is brief overview of the SLS 2017 awards night! We now move forward to the new season, ready and refreshed to break those lap records. Hopefully I will get a shot of you doing it.




SLS Awards

Hello everyone, Just to let you know tonight is the SLS Awards ceremony at the Queensferry Hilton Hotel, I will be there so please come up and say hello if you see me. Hope to catch you all back on the track later this year.



That was the year where…

Now the new year is in full swing and we are all looking forward to getting our teeth in to the new racing season, I thought it would be fun to have a look at a few of my favourite moments from last seasons racing. I have not limited this to just SLS or Fiesta Racing, but I have taken some moments from other track, and track side fun. I did leave out some of the more distressing moments, like the MG engine that had completely destroyed itself. We are looking forward to more fun, not just the death of metal! If you would like to see more, then please have a look at our facebook page.

I have been told the SLS awards night has been announced, so if you needing to go, keep an eye open for the invite.

Here are the images, please enjoy. Click on an image to view, and scroll between them.


Super Lap Scotland Motor Racing at Knockhill

With the new year comes a new SLS racing season at Knockhill, Scotland’s premier motorsports venue.

SLS or Super Lap Scotland is a time attack type racing where drivers are only racing the clock to prove who is the fastest!

I am hoping cover all the SLS Rounds this year and post the images up on my Facebook page for everyone to like and share. New for this year, I am going to be offering prints as well, these will be available via my website, or you can speak to me on the day. I also try to cover all of the paddock area in between the races to capture the fun (or anguish!) of the day. If you see me, please feel free to grab me if you would like some shots.

Please see here for the schedule. At the moment the dates are provisionally booked, so please keep an eye on the page as they my change.