Film Photography Interview

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that last Tuesday I was interviewed by the Phlogger  for his film photography podcast. This is going to be a multipart series of podcasts covering our conversations on film photography. Go and have a listen and I am sure you will learn something about film, photography and why we like working in film.

Here is a direct link to the podcast, but you can also listen in your normal podcast software, just search for Phlogger…

Here is a direct embedded  player for just incase you are super busy

Hope you enjoy, Leyton.

New addition to the darkroom

As most of you know, I (still) shoot a lot of film and make traditional prints in my darkroom, for me traditional photography is all about the end result of the print. There is nothing better than seeing an image appear from the chemicals and then holding it your hand at the end. I am very lucky that I have a dedicated space for my darkroom so I can while away many hours creating prints for you to all enjoy, without the use of a computer! Physical prints are becoming a sad rarity now, which is a real shame as they are how an image should be enjoyed.

Anyway, let us move on to the reason for the blog entry today, I have just set up my new enlarger. I was very kindly gifted a new enlarger by someone who no longer works in the darkroom. The enlarger is a vital piece of equipment as it projects a negative onto photographic paper to make a positive image or what we know as a print. Anyway here it is in its new home.

Great! so now its installed, what are the results like? I am glad you asked, I made my first test print from it last night. I hope to get back in with it this evening. I am working on a small personal project at the moment, I really need to get it finished and I needed a new enlarger with better features to complete everything.

So here it is, the first test print, taken last year in Tokyo on Shibuya crossing, the really busy crossing you see anytime Tokyo is mentioned, please click to see full screen. I am rather pleased to have this as a starting point as I know the more I work with it the better things will be, but as it stands, I am very pleased. Hope you enjoy it as well.