Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are held on your computer or device – such as a tablet or phone,  and help to feed back information to the webserver that is sending you the page you are looking at.

What information is collected?

We are using cookies to uniquely identify your session, this is so the website knows its you and provide the correct content.

We are also using cookies to gather anonymous page views, this is so we know how many people have been to a page. We cannot identify who was on the page, just that it was viewed.

If you use the online store, then we are using cookies to remember your account and what is in your shopping cart.

We DO NOT use any form of cookie that can track or identify you across multiple sites for targeted advertising.

Managing Cookies.

You can control what cookies are stored on your computer, or you can disable them completely. If you wish to control your cookies we have given a brief guide below for common browsers.

For Internet Explorer or Edge

  1. Goto the menu ‘tool’ then ‘Internet Options’
  2. Click on ‘privacy’ tab
  3. Select the cookie policy you prefer.

For Chrome

  1. Click Settings or ‘Preferences’ from the menus.
  2. In the search box type ‘cookie’
  3. Then select the cookie preferences you prefer.

For Safari

  1. Click ‘Preferences’ from the menus
  2. Click ‘Privacy’ in the tabbed dialogue box.
  3. Select the cookie options as required.

For Firefox

  1. Click on ‘Preferences’ or ‘Tools’ from the menus.
  2. In the search box, type cookie
  3. Set the cookie options as you prefer.

What happens if I disable cookies?

If you disable cookies completely for AGF Photography, then some parts of the site will be inoperable. If you only disable 3rd party cookies then everything will work.