Privacy Policy

Who are we?

AGF Photography is owned and run by Leyton Cleveley who is a freelance photographer. I am committed to maintaining your trust and confidence when you visit my website and work with me, or are a subject of a photograph. I will never sell or rent your information to another business or company for marketing purposes.

However, if you are still concerned read on to know how this website can capture and process your information, how the data is stored.

Types of data we collect.

First of all this deals with non-image related data. We have a separate policy to deal with this type of data as it is treated as biometric information, but laws allow us to use images in different ways.

Website Cookies.

This website uses cookies to identify your session on the website, help you navigate around the website, help with generation of anonymous statistics for page views and help with the online store. If you would like anymore information please read our cookie policy.

Mailing lists

I do not use mailing lists, I do not send mass emails. If you want to keep with offers or other information, then please follow me on Facebook or other social media.

Contact Information

If you send me a contact form enquiry or request for image information / removal, the information is kept encrypted on my computer that is not accessable externally.

Social Media messages

Messages remain on the social media platform they are sent from and are not stored on any personal computer.

Online orders / shopping / Working together

When we are working together or collaborating, I will be holding, but not limited to, the following information.

  •  Name
  • Physical addresses
  • Email address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Payment type, but not details of the payment method.
  • Any passwords that are required to complete or upload the work.

This information will be stored encrypted, and once it is no longer required, it will be destroyed.

Access to your personal information.

Under EU GDPR Law, you are entitled to view, amend or delete any personal information we hold about you. To request this information, please contact us here. If you do not hear from us within 3 weeks, please telephone.

Changes to the privacy policy.

This policy was created on the 15/05/2018, and will be reviewed on the 15/08/2019.